How To Save The World & Look Good Doing It

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Every morning you wake up and go to your closet, or wardrobe, and choose a narrative for the day. You assemble an ensemble made-up of different fabrics and colours and cuts that come together to form your story for the day. It is the impression you are choosing to leave on the world, the paint to the canvas that is you.

And after you’ve carefully selected this top or that, slipped on the shoes to match, and added an accessory to bring it together, you step out into the world as a work of art. One that is 100% authentic.

 You are an original.



Clothing is not simply a basic necessity, it as an art form, a fundamental opportunity for self-expression that we experience each and every day. So, it becomes important to consider what we want our wardrobe to say about us?

Sure, there are the basics. Perhaps, you’re off to a job interview, so you slip on some neutral colours and a blazer, hoping your business wear will speak to your competence and reliability. Or maybe tonight is that concert you’ve been waiting weeks for, so you pick out your favourite top, the one with bold geometric patterns to celebrate the electricity of the night. It could even be that you’re off to an art gallery, and you want your top to be as Avant Garde as the pieces you’re viewing! Whatever the occasion, we often take time to consider the importance of wearing something that speaks to what we are experiencing, the story of our life in that moment.

But, are you stopping to consider the story of the clothing itself?

Did you know that 80 billion articles of clothing are consumed globally each year? Additionally, on average, a woman will only wear a piece of clothing 7 times before throwing it away. The fashion industry is one of the highest polluting industry in the world, and giant corporations within it have very cleverly convinced many consumers that they need to contribute to it by constantly buying new clothes each season to keep up with trends. We often become convinced that it is our wardrobe that defines us or our self-worth, and it’s easy to see why when you think about the difference a single outfit can make.

I mean, the right ensemble can completely empower you, making you confident enough to do things you never thought capable.



But, perhaps, we are looking at the wrong things to empower us. Perhaps, we are focused on the wrong stories. What if instead of indicating that you have a good figure for bell-bottom jeans, your clothing spoke to your compassion, your concern for the world and people around you? What if your outfit was as truly one-of-a-kind as you are, and didn’t exploit anyone in the process of coming to be on your body?  What if you wore hope, progress, and art as you went about your day? 

This is the power of ethical fashion. And this is what we strive to create. 

The conscious consumer is someone who takes care not to contribute to the pollution, suffering, and environmental upheaval that can so often be found in the world of fast fashion. She takes care of her clothing, making sure it lasts as long as possible in order to leave a minimal amount of waste.  She invests in clothes that are durable and high quality and that she truly loves, so that she ultimately buys less and feels more satisfied. Finally, she supports brands created by ethical designers, artists who create clothing in a slow, mindful way that is not exploitative or cruel. 



Meanwhile, the ethical designer cares for the world by creating those high-quality pieces. Our creations, for example, use reclaimed material to minimise waste, and everything is hand-crafted in-house, so that each piece is cruelty free and 100% authentic.  With each design, and every decision in our business, we consider the story we are crafting, and how it can contribute positively to the world. 

We want our creations to be empowering, not just because they make you feel beautiful, but because they also speak to the deep compassion you have for the world. 

This is the story we are creating. And perhaps, one day, you will wear something we’ve designed to help you tell yours. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. If you’d like to start looking for that piece whose uniqueness matches your own, we’d invite you to check out our shop


-Emmeline Bramble-


** (Photography: Laura Viktualia, mua: Dana VG White, model: De'Love)

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