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As you may know it is Fashion Revolution week and people are asking who made their clothes. Me, I make your clothes (at the moment) when you place an order from us. Transparency of the production process is often evident when you buy from a small businesses like us.

The most important thing in being a small fashion business owner for me is to run it according to sustainable and ethical values. I am passionate about it and I also want the production process of my products to be as transparent as possible. This is why I want to show you how I make one of the garments from my collection Misdystopia. I chose the Morrison cape (link) as it is one of my favourite pieces and perfectly depicts the whole collection. 

hooded cape


First thing is to choose fabrics. All the garments are made of reclaimed materials and the fabrics for each garment are picked individually. Next, the garment is cut according to patterns. All the cut offs are saved and donated.




All cut and neat. Time to put the cape together. Morrison cape is made of square pieces. So quite simple you might think. But oh boy there is a lot to sew! There are 18 pieces plus the hood to be sewn together. First the actual seams and then top stitches. All in all about 24 seams not including the hood and the finishings.




After the label is attached and the cape is pressed properly it is carefully packed with recycled black tissue paper. Psst, even the sticker is made of recycled materials (like I said, I'm passionate). Then it's ready for a biodegradable postal bag and on it goes to Rome this particular cape.



Let me know if you have any questions about the production process of our garments. I'm happy to tell more!




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