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In the first blog post I would like to tell you how I ended up where I am now - a small fashion business owner and entrepreneur in London.

I spent 6 years studying garment production and fashion design in Finland and in Italy, as well as doing internships in London. My interest in sustainable fashion grew the more I studied and I knew I wanted to build my own business some day.

After graduating university I decided to leave Finland and start a new adventure in London, one of the capitols of fashion. London seemed like an obvious choice, having spent some time here before so I left my job and my big apartment and moved to a small room in a shared London flat only bringing with the most valuable things to me; clothes and shoes.

I got a job in a small and charming bridal wear company, Minna Bridal, where I had done an internship while studying in uni. While working among alternative and bohemian bridal dresses I designed the first collection Misdystopia and created a brand around it.  

Here I am. A woman entrepreneur in the sustainable fashion field in London. Owner of an ethical fashion brand that is only in the beginning of its story. I have so many ideas and I love building my own brand. It challenges me every day and gives me these "aha" moments that I love. It's these moments and the journey of Miina Laitsaari the brand in general that I am going to share here.




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