The Secret to a Minimalist Spring Wardrobe

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With Spring’s arrival, a world of colour seems to have erupted outside my window. The once bare trees are budding with rosey pink and soft lilac hues. Striking yellow dandelions have burst forth in nearby meadows.  And everyone is outside, soaking up the sun, donned in bright tones to match their surroundings, their dark winter coats tucked away in the back of their closets. 

Spring is such a beautiful season to behold. The world is so vibrant and full of life.

And I used to dread its arrival.

Why? Well, I personally love an autumn and winter wardrobe. I have always known how to dress during those seasons, and I have always felt most myself in a thick sweater or warm coat. But spring and summer have always stumped me. The multitude of new trends each year, coupled with the arrival of a rainbow of bright hues, always left me a bit overwhelmed.

I used to have many mornings of staring at my full closet and feeling a deep sense of ‘lacklustre.’  Nothing I owned seemed to impress me, and I would end up wearing clothes simply for their functional purpose.  I was robbing myself of the empowerment that comes with self-expression, so while the world around me bloomed, I wilted. 

So, what changed?

One of the most transformative moments came for me a few years ago after coming home with a new top. I remember while casually chatting with my mom, I mentioned my recent purchase and remarked that “It was on sale!” To which she responded:

 “But do you *love* it?”

I was stumped. I hadn’t even really considered if I loved it. I knew it fit well, and it would do the trick, but no. I didn’t put it on and feel completely at home. Completely myself.


And this is the secret.

The first step to a creating a minimalist closet is to have it consist of only things you absolutely love. In order to do that, you must first decide who you are, and how does your style represent you?

 Some questions to ask yourself are:

What story do you want to tell with your wardrobe?

 Are you someone who wants to live an impression of street chic or sharp professional? Are you speaking to your care for the world by sporting ethical brands? What sort of outfit do you put on and think, “There I am.”

 What does your daily routine require?

You don’t need fifteen summer dresses if you spend your summer in an office wearing pant suits. So, take a moment to asses what, on a practical level, your daily routine asks for.

And most importantly, do you love it?

Take out your entire spring wardrobe. Break it into piles in response to this question of yes, no, and maybe. Put the yes’s back in the closet. Donate the no’s. And then either make an executive decision on the maybe’s, or hang them up with the hanger facing backwards. If, in a couple weeks, the hanger is still facing you, you haven’t worn it, and you don’t need it. Donate it.

A minimalist closet won’t happen over night. But if you start by pairing down this way, and refrain from adding any new articles, you’ll find yourself stepping into spring with a smaller wardrobe that is only composed of pieces you love wearing. 

This is will allow you to enter the world each day empowered and feeling at home in your outfit and yourself.


-Emmeline Bramble-

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