Core values

Original and distinctive designs

Our style is strong and distinctive. The garments are constructed with clean cuts to create a minimalistic yet detailed appearance. The individual look comes from panelling the materials.

We try not be too influenced by the latest fashion trends in order to create timeless garments. 



Our products are hand made from durable, quality reclaimed and upcycled materials that are picked for every garment individually. 

All the products are assembled with strong structures and finished beautifully with top stitches. 

Sustainable production

The impact on nature is minimised with the usage of upcycled materials and utilising the cut waste to make accessories, interior decoration and embellishments for the garments.

Miina Laitsaari products are hand made to order and produced in London (UK). Every piece is composed individually resulting in garments with a unique touch whilst always maintaining its original look.


Personal approach 

The customer is the most valuable person to us and this is why we provide very personal customer service experience. 

As a small business we can also fulfil requests to customise the products or even make bespoke garments.