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women's jeans
women's jeans
women's jeans

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Ripley jeans

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Pair these slim fitted, edgy jigsaw puzzle jeans with nude, black or dark blue top to create a savvy and clean look for your work day. Also available without leather, it will be replaced with black fabric.

Please email us at info@miinalaitsaari.com if you have any questions about the product or have requests about customising it.



-made of high quality reclaimed materials


-handmade in the UK

-sizes 6-20 (model wearing a size 10)

-hand wash / dry clean

-made to order

-turnaround time 10 working days (excluding shipping)

-colours: black / champagne / dark blue  



 The jeans, size 10

     inseam: 31.5 in / 80 cm

     front rise: 7 in / 18 cm

     back rise: 11 in / 28 cm


     bust: 33.9 in / 86 cm

     waist: 29 in / 74 cm

     hip: 36.6 in / 93 cm

     height: 5 ft 8.5 in / 174 cm

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